Logical fallacies

A logical fallacy that interests me and that I’m guilty of committing is “hasty generalization”, when you are quick to assume something and jump to a conclusion before you have seen or gathered any background evidence, for example if you were to have a first class in a certain subject and it didn’t go too well, you would assume that “this class will suck for the whole year” when you’ve only had one class. To make a fair evaluation the person must attend not one but several classes for it to be a reasonable conclusion. It also accommodates according to the person’s personal beliefs, so say in a class a particular student disliked, they would jump to the conclusion that the class would suck for the rest of the year, while other students who may enjoy it may not jump to the same conclusion.

7 thoughts on “Logical fallacies”

  1. That is a very true statement. Whenever I have a class and it does not go well, I judge it and have it as bad in the back of my head. Also on the other side, when I have my first class and it goes well, I seem to really enjoy those classes.

  2. I think that for your blog post, if you included in text quotations from the passage, it would help the reader understand more clearly and it would show that your work is backed up. you can say… “according to Isaac, a very common thing that people do is come up with hasty generalizations”…. or something like that

  3. I agree with this, I think it is the easiest one to do without thinking about it, and after we make up our mind then we close our minds to the idea that it might be better than the first class and It affects us for the rest of the year.

  4. People always make this kind of fallacy, and it creates stereotypes about something, which is terrible. Because it makes people to make a decision or judge a people hastily.

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