I read all the handouts and I found that the contents of Stephen’s Guide to Logic’s Paradox have the greatest impact on me. In this handout, the author shows me how people abuse logic in several ways through practical examples. I think he is very right because these things can be said to be very common in my real life. People simply point out that something is logical, or that it contains some logic to think that something is real. For example, in China, my older generation thought that the length of an indoor umbrella would not be high. When I ask them why, they always tell you that this is what their parents told them. This is a very stubborn generalization, which means that the sample size is not large enough to support the conclusion. So something that people believe does not mean that it is correct.

6 thoughts on “Logic”

  1. For this blog, I think it is necessary to quote some texts and to analyze it. Like “People simply point out that something is logical, or that it contains some logic to think that something is real.” For this main point, you just can use some texts to represent the meaning of this instead of just using your own examples, which will be more persuasive and easier for readers to understand.

  2. I think using some quotations from the examples you likes would be useful because saying you liked his examples doesn’t tell us anything if we don’t know which ones you’re talking about.

  3. I agree what you said, but not all the thing that told by elder generation is wrong. And i think quotations will help readers to understand you lots more better.

  4. I think that you are right, but looking at certain things from other angles has different results. Therefore, I feel that we can’t just look at the surface of things. We should learn more about things and we can draw conclusions.

  5. I think you including which examples you like would be more useful because I do not know which examples you mean. I would also not say that the older generations are wrong, because they have had more life experience than you and they most likely know better.

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