1. Circular reasoning: Supporting an argument by restating the argument.
  2. Bandwagon appeal: Implies that because the majority of people believe that X is true then it must be valid because so many people believe it.
  3. Ad hominem: An attack on a person’s character and personal traits to weaken his or her argument.
  4. Red herring: Claims that are misleading to distract from the argument at hand.
  5. False analogy: A claim that since A is like B, A has the same properties that B has
  6. Hasty generalization: Coming to a conclusion with the briefest look at the evidence.

2 thoughts on “Fallacies”

  1. For your blog post, I think it would be very beneficial for you to choose just one fallacy and focus on that. You could choose the one that spoke to you the most or the one that you do the most, and then write about that and how you do it in your life, and, you could also write about how it affects you.

  2. This post is useful to learn to difference each kind of fallacy, but i would say that it would be really useful for yourself and helpful for the rest of us if you stated your opinion.

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