Menos part 1 summary- september 18

To be completely honest, i cant make much sense of this writing piece, i can understand that the writer is trying to make people understand what virtue is. the dialogue is pretty complex and hard to follow which may be the time period it was written in, or maybe to make people think harder about the lines

the dialogue starts off with a question, one that can be answered right away, or answered through the writing. from what i read about Meno part 1, i think he is a younger figure looking up to Socrates. i think that because Socrates has much longer replies and Meno asks many questions about mature things. i find the sentence “Do you say that he who desires the honourable is desirous of the good”, because there are some people in the world who desire evil, knowing that is it evil, but some who desire evil, thinking it is good. the script really has me thinking about every mistake and bad thing i have done in my life, was it because i knew it was bad or because i thought i was doing it for good?

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