Meno Personal Response

In part 1 of Meno by Plato, Socrates and his student Meno spoke about the definitions of virtue and figure. The language they used was confusing and hard to follow, even for a fluent english speaker like myself. Their sentence structure and repetition of certain words is what threw me off when reading it, not the idea behind the writing. For example, on page 3 this quotation is an example of confusing sentence structure and language.

And will virtue, as virtue, differ at all whether it be in a child or in an elderly person, in a woman or in a man?

The reason I was confused by this was the repetition of virtue. The rest of the quotation makes sense.

The other idea that was thrown around at the end of part 1 was why people do evil things or how they can desire to do evil things. This was pretty much the only part in part 1 that understood almost fully. I think the idea that was being communicated through this part was that people can have evil intentions even when they know they are doing something wrong.

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