meno part 2 writhaler

In part  2 of Plato’s Meno, Meno and Socrates begin speaking about different topics, especially mathematical ideas that they try out on a boy who is Meno’s servant. the boy shows them that he understands the theories reasonably well, and Socrates comes up with a theory that suggests that the boy is in a “state of knowing”. Socrates thinks that the boy did not learn geometry, he just always knew how to do it:

Now if he always had it, he was always in a state of knowing; and if he acquired it all some
time, he could not have acquired it in this life. Or has someone taught him geometry? You
see, he can do the same as this with all geometry and every branch of knowledge. Now,
can anyone have taught him all this? You ought surely to know, especially as he was born
and bred in your house(p. 27).

This quotation adds to and supports the theory of being in a State of Knowing. A second topic which they speak about was how the boy was positive that his answer was the right one and showed that he was positive even if he did not fully know the answer. Most people who are not quite sure of their answer still do this today. We do our best to answer to the best of our ability, and we answer with confidence and self-assuredness. They also talk about how inquiring after what we do not know will make us better and braver and less helpless(28).



























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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