A Doll House

A dollhouse is a very interesting novel, personally, I don’t like to read too much but this novel captures my attention, also I prefer by far reading plays to normal books.

At first, the novel started pretty calm, beautiful family, 3 children big home, and no money problems, the dream life for a lot of people, it just seemed like they had everything under control, and that made me feel as if I had everything under control and as if my life was going to turn out that way, married to a wealthy man that I loved and having lots of children and money.

As the play goes by I realized that it wasn’t true, she held a big secret but to be honest I didn’t think it was much of an issue I mean it was supposed to be that her husband loved her and he would take the blame for her, and that was what she didn’t want to. I don’t get why I would have made my husband take the blame every day and I would have done the same for him. at the end it was surprising that he didn’t, but I think she exaggerated a little by leaving him or wanting to kill herself, also everything was sorted out minutes after. if that would have happened to me I would just have continued with my life as if everything it’s fine, I got my husband, and my children and the main problem is solved. I would get into therapy to fix my feelings and that’s it. Her leaving was a bit dramatic for me ( considering that I am a dramatic person), but considering all this it was a great play bit boring but great.

The Merchant of Venice

The play was really interesting for me to read, it is one of my favorite styles. The characters where smart especially Portia who is painted as a lady who only knows how to be pretty but in the end, she is the one responsible for Antonio not dying, also exposing her husband’s secrets and intentions just by posing as a lawyer.

The plot of the play was interesting for me because of the type of plot and how the story develops.

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes´ poetry was very entertaining to me. At first it was a little hard to understand and find similarities with the actual world, and some words and sentences where hard to understand too.

One of the principle themes Hughes´ poetry had was that he talked a lot about the social issues that where happening at that time like racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and more. He expressed this poems in a different point of view each time, it could be of a black man or a washing lady but all wishing that their injustice behavior was over. For me it was very realistic because at that time those issues where really important to discuss and he expressed them in a way that we could feel what each person at that time was feeling.

The majority where free verse poems, the structure wasn’t always the same, neither did they rime a lot. The tone in which the autor was speaking was really sad or mad, like the person was already tired of everything, other poems where like nostalgic like they were telling a story of their lives and what they have been trough.

In conclusion I was really moved by the majority, because the issues he discussed are very controversial, one of them that I remember the most was the poem “Goodbye Christ” that he criticizes the christian religion and I as a christian was very confused about it, but then I realized that at that time people where suffering a lot and the faith sometimes leaves in bad moments. But in general I really enjoyed them and the way of writing them was at first confusing but I understand them with time.


The lecture talks about the hard part about reading. It describes the different types of reading and how different people need different forms of comprehension to understand a text. It also gives you different tips and advice to be able to have better reading comprehension.

The one that caught my attention the most was the SQ3R method because it teaches you step by step how to better understand the readings. not just underlining or taking notes, doing it all together.

In my opinion it is an interesting read because it helps you find your way of studying and why many people are not interested in reading or studying, and it is because they are not doing it in a way that does not benefit them as a person.