I consider that Antigone was a very interesting story which I quite enjoyed reading, it is a story that has many events in history that make you want to continue reading it and personally I liked this story more than Odipus.

Antigone is a character that I find quite interesting and quite brave since despite what the others told her, she did what she thought was correct, I think that several of the decisions that Antigone made made the story have a more interesting plot.


personal response – oedipus

Oedipus personally seemed to me to be a fairly complete and interesting story which I really enjoyed reading, it was a bit complicated for me since it is an unusual English so there were words that I did not understand very well. However, this helped me to expand my knowledge and vocabulary.

Oedipus turned out to be quite an interesting story for me since it made me persevere and see many things differently, the book makes you see the world from another perspective, one in which everything depends on what is happening as time passes and the things are not always the same. Really this is a story that once you start makes you want to continue reading to know what will happen at the end.

Talking a little more about the main character. I feel that in the story oedipus made many mistakes but I don’t feel that he is a bad character because all the actions he did were for a reason and to help his people, however I consider that many times several of these actions went quite far so he could make it look like he had bad intentions. Despite all that, the character seems to me to be a fairly complete character and without a doubt makes this a great story.