PR The Awakening

Being a little critical and honest, this was not my favorite book from the year. I found myself being confused with the names since there were a lot of madam’s and mademoiselles, it was sort of new to me as well. What I did like from the book and found very interesting is seeing how Edna responds to society and breaks all of the ideals society has for her as a women. She goes against all of the believes society has for women at that time. There were a few times in where I thought I was watching a Mexican telenovela from all the men she was dating and “messing around”.

Kate Chopin gives us two character perspectives which are complete opposites. Edna and Adele are two very important characters in the text who are also very good friends. The author likes to emphasize how Edna goes against the norms and standards put up by society and she shows how she does not go with the image of what was seen as an “ideal” woman. Mademoiselle Reisz gives another viewpoint to Edna and helps her realize different things throughout the text. She helps her find herself and gives her the emotional force she needed to go against the standards.

The book shows once again how harsh society can be on women with their standards and norms. In our society we can see many changes for them but reading text’s like these ones helps us emphasize in how we treat women and how unfair we can be to them.

English PR Pygmalion

Pygmalion is an amazing story on how a street girl with a dreadful accent decided to take english classes so she can become a lady in a flower shop. Professor Higgins decides to accept a challenge in where he is the one bringing Eliza into his house so she can become the lady she so desperately wants to become.

The challenge takes on for months, and as the days go by we can tell that Eliza is picking up very quickly in what Higgins is trying to teach her. As the play moves on, Eliza is ready to start trying to fool people in thinking she is a lady, she even made Freddy fall in love with her. The author creates a lot of descriptive imagery during the play which only makes it more interesting for the reader and more fun.

The play creates a lost of modern socialist ideals in where all women should receive education just like any other man. The play also shows how only rich married women could receive this education. It also shows how women depend on the men, this is shown where Eliza asks Higgins about her role in after her classes are over, he mentions that she should find a very rich man and marry him.

The author arrises different questions, he made me ask myself why is education so important? Why is gender equality important? How did we achieve educational equality? Overall, I really enjoyed the play and I thought that it really makes the reader think about the social problems in society and gender inequality.

A Doll’s House

We find ourselves in a stereotypical middle class household with typical ideologies. Torvald is presented to us as a stereotypical man who possesses a sexist ideology in which the woman is the one to stay in the house to take care of it and to take care of the children while the man is the one that has to work all day to provide an income for the family. Torvald is a middle class man who was recently promoted as the bank’s manager, which means way more money, power and responsibility. Torvald never saw his marriage as a modern marriage is seen nowadays, he saw Nora as a female who had house duties and that couldn’t deal with problems. He thought that she wouldn’t understand them, that is why Nora complained about how they never talk about problems until they reached the bottom of them. At the end, Torvald’s way of thinking led him into losing Nora and having to take care of the kids by himself. 

In the other hand we have Nora who at first seems to be lost into her role as a stereotypical women in the setting, but when Torvald hits her she realizes how wrong she was about everything and how blind she was. So she makes a bold decision and decides to leave her kids and leave Torvald so she can find a spot for herself in the world.

The author did a very good job on getting the correct settings for the play since I could get a lot of imagery on a Norwegian household. I enjoyed myself while reading the play and had a lot of fun analyzing it’s ideas.

The Merchant of Venice PR

The play has shown continuous plot twists, drama and suspense that make you want more and more. Since Shakespeare was our author, we find ourselves in a medieval setting and the inspiration for such a play appears to come from the 16-17 century. In the play it was clear the love that Bassanio had for Antonio, since he gave up the same ring he swore on his life to keep as a gift to the doctor that helped him save Antonio’s life. We can see a lot of love, dedication and injustice during the plot of the play.


The conflict started with Antonio seeking a loan from the jew, Shylock. In which the consequences for not delivering the money would be a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Since the beginning Shakespeare did an incredible job in engaging the reader. As predictable as it was, Antonio could not meet his deadline and owed Shylock a pound of flesh. Here the injustice starts since Shylock brought his claim to court and he was denied Antonio’s flesh by Portia who dressed as a man trying to protect her husband’s friend. When this happened, not only Shylock was denied his money back from Antonio, but also to give half of his riches to the Duke and the other half to Lorenzo, the man who stole his daughter from him and Shylock was also forced into leaving his religion and becoming a christian. Nowadays it seems something very ilegal and far-fetched but in the play it was something completely legal and normal. Seeing Shylock breaking down in the court and falling to the ground did make me feel an emotional connection, I felt sad for him and I kind of also felt pity. When we leave the court, Bassanio goes to the doctor that helped him out without knowing that the doctor was his wife dressed as a man. At first Portia denied his offer but Bassanio insisted, so Portia said that she wanted his ring which at first he denied doing so but shortly after he accepted and gave his ring away. The same ring that he swore he would have to die before it leaves his hand. That is when Portia understood the love that Bassanio felt for Antonio. 


Although there was a lot of drama, conflict and injustice, I found the play to be very engaging and enjoyable. I had a lot of fun reading, watching and analyzing it. I would definitely recommend this play to others so they can enjoy it as much as I did. This play makes you connect with it emotionally and it teaches you the values of love and how far someone can go for a person who they love.  

Langston Hughes PR

The poet Langston Hughes (1901-1967) was very recognized for his writing and his way of viewing the world and his interpretations. Hughes was inspired by music, mainly in blues. Langston Hughes was also known for how he would add emotions into his texts trying to make readers understand those same feelings that he felt about America, white people, rich people, amongst others.

During the 1900’s Hughes spoke about injustice and prejudice against people of color. The poem Ruby Brown is a painful story that shows how the character Ruby has no “fuel” to keep the spark of joy burning. Hughes’ poetry is so effective and adds into him projecting his emotions into the readers.

Hughes’ writing was very noticeable in life in Harlem Sweeties, since it makes the reader get all the emotions he wanted to project. During the 1950’s, the poem Harlem Sweeties influenced people all over the country into changing the ways they think and see the world. Langston Hughes had a great influence over his readers.

The poetry of Langston Hughes, which are largely about prejudice, are mixed with optimism, demonstrating that these individuals do have aspirations to pursue and activities they enjoy. The stanzas become one line each at the end of one poem in particular, “deferred” from “Montage of a Dream Deferred,” and each stanza is a sentence expressing what someone wants. This is an excellent addition to the poem because it demonstrates the diversity of African Americans. They all have different desires and requirements. Langston Hughes is a great believer in what he writes, this also provides evidence in him showing feelings in his writings and this is due to his investment in his texts. His poems are always about the main character enduring racism caused by society.

PR Candide by Voltaire

In the book “Candide” we find a lot of action and events that will blow most people’s mind. The book uncovers subjects that many people would consider explicit or raw material. But while reading the text, I found that I was really enjoying myself as I read through Candide’s adventures, voyages, and experiences. The book doesn’t seem to have peace, Candide constantly is going through deaths, action, and tragedies. If I’m being honest, there is nothing that I did not enjoy about the book. The text involves injustice and I want to bring Martin’s point of view, after the Dutch ship stole most of Candide’s treasure, the ship sank after going through a battle with an enemy ship. Candide pointed out that this was an example of justice since the captain stole from them, but Martin added that the crew had to die when they did nothing wrong, so this was the biggest example of injustice presented in the book.

English: Response to “The Odyssey”

While reading Homers Odyssey I came to find some marvelous passages that are filled with epic content and stories. In this huge poem we go over Odysseus adventures that took well over 10 years. What I liked the most about the text is mainly that this book was the creation of western literature. While reading this I gazed upon many of the travels and stories that Odysseus had to tell and I really enjoyed the part where we is tied to the mast while his boat is passing through the sirens. The reason I liked that part is because the sirens are very famous in pirate’s stories and I truly find them quite interesting. Another part that I really came to enjoy was the story when Odysseus stabbed the giant Cyclops after hiding in his giant sheep.


While the poem started, when we were on the first books and Odysseus was nowhere to be found, I thought that part was going really slow which made it the thing I enjoyed the least, the reason for this is since the war with Troy just ended I wanted to see even more fights, raiding and pillaging but Homer didn’t seem to include this at the beginning so it kind of went against my expectations.

What I found the most surprising about “The Odyssey” is with no doubt it’s way it survived. It is truly impressive how a text so old survived burning buildings, changes of era, changes of languages, among others. Also the fact that people used to learn the text by remembering seemed pretty crazy and truly astonishing.


Great Expectations Pastiches Passage 2

Passage 1:

At a certain time, the woman was sure, her house was filled with flowers and bushes that were growing on the wall’s; and that the women, loving her happiness, and also her spouse, who were alive and living, and that their sons James, Mark, Jameson, Alexandra, Cassandra; all grown up and enjoying life and that their huge backyard would extend to the lake and that the closing gentle lair of pasture that with the gentle breeze was the lake; and next to it, in the woods, tramping and laughing, was the woman.


Passage 2:

A joyful woman, all in a blue dress, a smile everyone wanted to possess. A woman with a big hat, and with high heels, and with a scarf long as an eel. A woman who had been bathed in gold, and who was very bold, her feelings were not cold, whose house was made of stone, her name to everyone was known; a women who ran, and tramp, and laughed, and rhymed, whose hair has long and moved with the wind as the flowers touched her skin.

Who is the protagonist (main character of the play)

While reading one of the Three Theban Plays, I came to the conclusion that in the play of Antigone, a play in which we can find that there is a lot of action and drama. That the main character in the play is Antigone, this is made to the fact that first of all her name is on the play and second of all she is the character that leads the story and that is doing everything she can do to bury his brother Polyneices who was seen as a traitor. Antigone’s sister is Ismene and she is a person who believes in curses and is very afraid of death, we can analyze this when the character is first introduced to us in the beginning where Antigone asks for help to bury their brother. Ismene thinks that there is a curse in their family for all of the recent events that happened in the play, and honestly I have to agree with her. The things that happened in the story of Antigone and Oedipus Rex involve a lot of suicide, death and cold events like marying your mother and killing your father. Based on what I read, I came to the conclusion that Creon would be the antagonist in this play since he was constantly going against Antigone’s wishes and trying to get her killed. In the first try of burying his brother, Creon finds out of what she has done and yet doesn’t kill her but by the second time she puts her in a cave which it blew my mind to read all the crazy things they would do to their families back then. Although the play has a lot of harsh events, I still found myself enjoying reading the plays and really liked the story of Antigone.

Personal Response

I was impressed, the play in general has a lot of explicit details but just when you thought that the story couldn’t get worse, it gets ten times worse. By explicit details I mean that we know that Oedipus was told he was going to kill his father and marry his mother, that alone is crazy but in the end he ends up gouging out his own eyes with his dead wife’s jewelry. After Jocasta’s death, three out of the fourth children of Oedipus have either taken their own life or killed each other. So yes, this was a very explicit but somehow interesting book which I liked.


DRJ Summer Reading “Life is Short”

This text is an opinion article by Graham discussing the value of life and how we are not using time wisely. Graham starts by stating that after he had kids, it made him realize that life is indeed short. He gave several examples such as “you only get 52 weekends with your 2 year old” “ If christmas as magic lasts from ages 3-10, you only get to watch your child experience it 8 times” Then he proceeds to discuss about the value of time and whether or not it changes the way people value time if they kept that in mind. Graham says that it has for him and the phrase “Life is too short for x” has great force. Graham ends his text by saying that it is important to do the things that matter, and savor the time you have.