PR: Antigone

i liked the story of Antigone, but i liked oedipus better.

I liked this story because it was more suspenseful and it is not something i usually read but i enjoyed reading it, i also liked it because the main character is a woman. the character was very brave and loyal, i liked it a lot when she broke the law of Creon and buried her brother.

I did not like the character of Creon at all, he made me angry, the patriarchal ideas he had didn’t please me at all.
I really enjoyed the book because of Antigone, I really loved the character, it was a good story.

Oedipus – Personal response

I didn’t like the book, but not because the story isn’t good, it’s just not a book I would read. The story is good but the truth is that I had a hard time reading the book at first because it was a little confusing, but as I read on I started to find it less and less difficult to read.

I liked the story because at first I thought that Oedipus was the bad guy in the story, but he really wasn’t, in the story there was no one bad, it was just a poorly told story and that made some people think that he was bad, I liked that because, that happens a lot and many times we are the bad guys in a poorly told story. I didn’t think I would like the story, but I liked the message it left.