A Dolls’s House PR

This play was the one I enjoyed reading the most because it had a happy ending.
At first I was very angry at the situation Nora was in and I didn’t like her husband Torvald and I never did.

I didn’t like Nora either because she was fickle and foolish at first, this indicates that Nora’s role as a housewife was nothing more than a farce because, in fact, she had some freedom to make her own decisions, such as the one that changes her life at the end of the play.

The play was a breakthrough in questioning the traditional view of marriage, it suggested that marriage was authoritarian and controlling, but that if one was careful one could gain some freedom from one’s intolerant spouse, it suggested that marriage was like a doll’s house in which the doll should be free.

Merchant of Venice film PR

The film does a fantastic job of conveying the emotion of the story, the tension and conflict between Christians and Jews in 16th century Venice

There are some scenes in the film that are particularly powerful, such as the trial scene in which Shylock demands his pound of flesh and the final scene in which Antonio and Portia are reunited. The film is a thoughtful exploration of the themes of justice, mercy, and revenge that run through the original text.  The Merchant of Venice film also features some of the best-known lines of Shakespeare’s work, including “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” and “The quality of mercy is not strained.”

The film also effectively captures the play’s examination of the themes of justice, mercy and friendship. The audience can clearly see the struggle between Antonio and Shylock, and the moral decisions they must make. In the end, the audience is left with the sense that justice may not always be served, but that mercy and friendship can still success.




The Bully and His Victim

In the story The bully and his victim, the two boys were in wrong, one for bullying and the other for breaking his knee. It is difficult to judge this situation, the situation could have been fixed in other ways, for example the victim could have talked to the bullies, he could have talked to his teachers or the principal. On the other hand the bullies had no reason to bully, the victim never bothered them, they only bullied him for being “different” and there is nothing wrong with that, we are all the same.
It’s really hard to give a verdict because both boys acted wrongly so I think both should have the same consequences.


PR Langston Hughes

I really liked Langston Hughes’ poems because I like the way he talks about how we are all equal and that we should all be treated the same. I like the way he expresses himself in all his poems because I feel that he really expresses himself very well, the messages that his poems leave are full of feelings, reading Langston Hughes poems, makes you reflect everything that people who suffered or suffer from racism had to go through.

Langston Hughes poetry emphasizes his experience and support of black Americans at a time when they were facing discrimination. Langston Hughes focused his work on the unfairness of life in America. He explains that all Americans, white or black, experience the same human values. He applied many themes connected to equality and fairness, he believes that all Americans black or white should be treated with equal respect and values. He concentrates on discussing the importance of belonging to his culture to a great extent, he focuses on the message that all Americans, white or black belong to the same human race then to the same country rather than the race or culture and should treat each other with respect, he demonstrates this in many parts of Theme for English B when he refers to being colored. In conclusion Langston Hughes discusses many themes in his poetry which black Americans faced in the past that are now being looked in a different perspective.

Outsmart Your Brain

In chapter 5 of Outsmart Your Brain the author talks about the most common mistakes students make when reading complicated texts, he gives an example of a text that contradicts itself and the most common thing is that students do not realize this when analyzing a text. It made me realize several mistakes that I have when analyzing a text, I did not realize that the two sentences are contradictory, I have always made that mistake.
The chapter made me reflect on how I can improve that, I have to be more concentrated when I read, read calmly and analyze carefully each part of a text.

also at the moment of reading I only concentrate on one or two ideas but I do not concentrate on the central idea of the text, he talks about a method to concentrate on the central idea and its called SQ3R which is survey, question, read, recite and review, the method improves comprehension. The tips he provides are very helpful, and it makes you realize all the mistakes that students make but never realize, but reading this makes you realize that you have to read more carefully.


I enjoyed this book, It’s a story about an optimistic young man.

One of the themes of this narrative is to present that it is not only Candide that bad things happen to him and that the world is damn horrible. Tragic things happen to all the main characters, including the philosopher Dr. Pangloss. The heartlessness, negativity and coldness of human beings are a frequent background and aura throughout the story.

“we must cultivate our garden” (p.119)

I liked this phrase a lot because I think you can interpret it in many ways, listening to this phrase makes me think about life, in that you can learn many things and grow personally.

Voltaire contains many things, ridiculing all organized religions, theologians, governments, war, armies, and philosophers.


My reflection from the feedback is that I need to pay more attention when I write because when I write my ideas fast I have more mistakes, I have to organize my ideas and then write them down to have less mistakes,  I keep having the same mistakes because I don’t organize my ideas and I don’t review my work enough, I need to proofread my work more carefully.

PR: Antigone

i liked the story of Antigone, but i liked oedipus better.

I liked this story because it was more suspenseful and it is not something i usually read but i enjoyed reading it, i also liked it because the main character is a woman. the character was very brave and loyal, i liked it a lot when she broke the law of Creon and buried her brother.

I did not like the character of Creon at all, he made me angry, the patriarchal ideas he had didn’t please me at all.
I really enjoyed the book because of Antigone, I really loved the character, it was a good story.

Oedipus – Personal response

I didn’t like the book, but not because the story isn’t good, it’s just not a book I would read. The story is good but the truth is that I had a hard time reading the book at first because it was a little confusing, but as I read on I started to find it less and less difficult to read.

I liked the story because at first I thought that Oedipus was the bad guy in the story, but he really wasn’t, in the story there was no one bad, it was just a poorly told story and that made some people think that he was bad, I liked that because, that happens a lot and many times we are the bad guys in a poorly told story. I didn’t think I would like the story, but I liked the message it left.