Antigone Personal Response

Antigone, just like Oedipus the King, was another really good story involving Greek mythology. It all started by a conflict between two brothers, fighting for the throne, that ended with a war where they killed each other at the end. Creon assumed the throne once again and declared that Polyneices was a traitor and he shall not receive a proper burial while Eteocles, the second brother, was buried with all honors possible.
The story continues with Antigone burying the body even when the consequence for that was death, once she got caught doing it she did not even tried to deny what she had done. What I love about this story is that it shows how even between a family problems can and will always be found. The story can also make you feel sentimental, this because of how the two sisters talk with each other, how Antigone is not afraid of death since she thinks it will eventually come at her and talks about it like is the most common thing in the world, how Haimon and Antigone never had the chance to marry each other.
While the story is ongoing we can clearly see how Creon and Oedipus have really close similarities in their character, talking about how they always took precipitated decisions and almost never took time to think about the consequences of their actions, both of them were also really stubborn; the only place where I could clearly see a difference between them was while they were talking to Tiresias Oedipus did not take his advice and even offended the prophet while Creon actually took his advice but it was too late to change anything.
Reading Antigone made me think on why we value life so much and are afraid of death even more. I came to the conclusion that what we are scared of is not dying, what we are afraid of is that we do not know what comes after death. Antigone also made me remember about the mexican army motto, it translates to: “If death comes, welcome it with open arms”

Personal Response

I found this book interesting and really enjoyable to read, I read it before but I kept learning new stuff while I was reading it again. It has so many plot twists that are imposible to expect combined with the end is what it makes this story the most famous tragedy of the ancient greek.

I really like Oedipus, speaking about the character, the particular reason for this is that you can talk about him over and over again but never come to a complete resolution in the matter of him being a good or a bad guy. He did good things for the people of Thebes but he also killed his father, he did not know that it was his father and the killing part is also completely wrong being seen from a point of view of this era but during that time it wasn’t that strange to hear about somebody killing each another guy only because of a little disagreement. Oedipus is also really short tempered and hotheaded often making assumptions and ending in bad terms with people.

The story in general is completely unpredictable but very well plotted giving everyhting sense as to how and why it is happening, it never goes out of the path making it really easy to understand but it does not makes you feel tired of reading it, this way it makes it a really good way of learning and being entertained for a good amount of time