PR to the play

This Shakespeare’s work focuses on issues such as discrimination, racism, prejudice, etc. towards the Jews, this play is located in Venice. This work made me wonder and reflect on many things, why would we have so many prejudices towards someone just because of their religion? What is supposed to make them different from us? In the context that they give us in this play, the acts of injustice against them seem incredible to me, for example at the beginning of the film they show us how a Jewish boy is thrown into the river, for no reason or when Antonio spits on him directly in the face to shylock, a completely humiliating act for shylock and totally unnecessary on the part of Antonio.

Throughout the entire play, I really sympathized with Shylock, I put myself in his place in every misfortune that happened, and above all, I had a lot of empathy for his feelings, something that I did not do with any other character, much less with Antonio, when he was about to die by Shylock’s hands, instead of not wanting it to happen, I thought it was fair, since Antonio’s way of thinking and acting, despite the fact that during the play he also suffered a lot, I never liked. He always seemed to me an arrogant man, who felt superior to the Jews and who felt he had the right to do what he wanted and treat people, especially Jews, as he wanted, something that obviously does not have to be that way. , we are all equal and we all deserve to be treated equally, the latter is something that this work taught me, no one is superior to anyone.

At all times when watching the movie or reading the play, I had many emotions on the surface, such as anger for him, how they treated Shylock, a desire for justice towards the Jews, empathy with Shylock, especially when he gave his famous speech, I could feel how degraded he felt as a person and all for no valid reason, I could feel his desperation and with good reason, he had done nothing, literally the only thing they discriminated against him for was his religion.

Regarding the language of the work, on several occasions it was difficult for me to understand it, as a native Spanish speaker, understanding old English is quite difficult, there are too many words used in a different way than I know, phrases with contexts that I don’t I had an idea, but it also helped me develop my ability to investigate, since every time there was something I didn’t understand I started to research it on the internet.

In general, I can conclude that it is an excellent play, which transmits too many emotions to the reader and puts you in a position to decide who is right and who is wrong and what consequences are the correct ones to receive for each character. 

Outsmart your brain

I really enjoyed this book because it gives you many tips for better reading comprehension, one of the tips it gives you is to prepare before reading the text, to know a little about the background. It also tells us that a useful way to take notes is to pay close attention to the subtitles, understand them and summarize them, this will help keep our notes organized. 

It corrects mistakes that you possibly made when reading and making notes, one of the errors that he emphasizes is that you cannot read randomly, or quickly, as you read, he recommends asking questions to know how much you are understanding the text. 

According to Willingham, the reader is not aware of what is important until he makes a deep analysis of it. It also gives us strategies to memorize the content of something, such as drawing things related to it and making a study guide

This book really helped me a lot to correct the way I read it and take notes, it gave me many tips to do readings assigned by teachers that can sometimes seem a bit tedious, make them much easier, I will use the tips that I consider useful for my next readings


Oedipus & Antigone

Like I said before, this type of book, aren’t the kind of book I’m used to read, but like the other one, this book surprised me, because I ended up liking it. The story generated different emotions in me, it is a story full of deaths, feelings of loss and sadness, machismo, drama, beliefs, and debate about what is right and wrong, this stuff caused me emotions such as surprise, fear, intrigue, sadness, anger, etc.

I like Antigone’s mentality, so strong, so dedicated, and focused, the way she is loyal to her gods, and the way she fulfills their wishes even if it means risking herself. She died defending her goal, which only shows how faithful she was to herself and her ideals. Let’s talk about Creon, he had so much wrong ideas in my opinion, but I understand that possibly all those “macho” thoughts were so normalized at that time that for him and everyone else they were expected and went unnoticed. I’m amazed at how similar Oedipus and Creon’s mentalities are, they make very similar mistakes and both end up very badly because of it.

I think the most robust theme of this book is “death” as the book goes by, most of the main characters die, leaving a lot of pain to their family and in the end, only Ismene and Creon remain.

I really liked how the story deals with such delicate topics and although they are stories from the past, the teachings that this book left me with, without a doubt, I can apply in the present


Oedipus response by Yare

When I started this book, my expectations were too low, because of the type of language, the time in which the book is located, and the type of writing, left this book out of what I like to read, I thought this reading would be really tedious, long and boring for me, but as I progressed in the story I found myself interested in the story, in what Oedipus was going through,

Honestly, my first impression about Oedipus was that he was a bad person, I mean how can someone kill so many people? and continue calling himself “a good person”, but little by little I entered the context of the time in which this book is developed. I realized that in these times that was not such a bad thing. Apart from a question that went through my mind did Oedipus really kill all those people by his own decision, or was just Apollo controlling his life?

And now that I have finished the book, I can say that I really liked how the character of Oedipus developed throughout this story, the progress he had as a person, his reactions to the situations that occurred, etc. Also what I like about this book is that it always keeps you in suspense about what will happen, at least I couldn’t predict anything that would happen next, which I normally could in other books.

I can conclude that despite the fact that I did not expect much, it was entertaining for me to read this book, I learned many things from the way it is written, from the words that are used, from the character of Oedipus, from the power of the prophecies or rather How powerful it can be to hear a prophecy about yourself and your future because it can lead you to predispose yourself, which I feel was a lot of what Oedipus did.


Hi, I'm Yare, I'm 17 years old, I'm from Mexico, what I like to do the most is watch Netflix, be with my family and friends, go to parties, do extreme things, play volleyball and have fun doing whatever. My expectations for this course are to have a better reading comprehension, to know how to read more fluently, to find passion in reading, to find books that I really like and are interested in.