Personal Response Antigone

In the story of Antigone we can truly see how things worked in the past, and how men normally would approach women. In this work I admire Antigone since I consider she was defying the laws correctly and with a purpose, even the citizens recognize that she was right, it even got to the point were Haemon supported the decisions she had made and told his father what he consider he needed to hear.

Before reading this I did not had a made up opinion about Creon, but now that we get to know him more I can say that he would be a person of my disliking due to his clear disgust against women, it is clear that he is a misogynist who has a lot of favoritism towards his gender, things that men do he considers that it is wrong for women to do it. Haemon even tell his own father how he should be more open minded otherwise he would be an empty king. Several people have told Creon that the people of his kingdom are only on his side because of their fear of him, and not because they support his ideas and the way he rules.

Now that I have think through this story I can sympathize with Ismene since I can understand her position of fear and how she did not wanted to challenge Creon because there was no certainty of what he would do to her although she is part of his blood.

In my opinion I believe Creon got what he deserved although a lot happened to him I believe it was necessary since sometimes something big has to happen to people so that they can understand that they are wrong, sometimes their mind does not allow them to see beyond their arrogance.

What happens in this story is truly how men used to treat women, and how they thought of them being less, which makes me thankful about how through time people have become more open minded like Haemon. I am grateful for people like Antigone who can sacrifice their lives for what they think is right, these types of people are the one who help us progress as a society. If we all had a closed mind like Creon’s it would be very difficult for us to evolve, but everything that happened to Creon in this story made me believe that the world has a way of making us learn from ourselves helping us mentally grow, although it can be cruel it is also illuminating for us too, as the experiences we live open new views of the world for us that help us see thing differently and act in a way that is more appropriate, treating everyone with the same respect they deserve regardless of their gender.

Personal Response – Oedipus

Oedipus the king was an interesting story for me since we can imagine a different world with just a few pages. This story made me think about how special is time, think about how time can change our beliefs which can make a whole society shift, things that were seen as normal before will one day be wrong, making you think of what society would you prefer to live in and how does that makes you the person you are.

I’m not used to reading in old english which made reading this a challenge for me, but it made it better knowing that it was a story I could actually enjoy if I understood what was going on. Stories are based on their main characters, so to enjoy a story the main character has to be interesting and Oedipus did not disappoint. In my perspective Oedipus was a great character for the kind of story they gave him. I believe the most respectable thing someone could do is owning up to their mistakes, that is something worth of admiring, and what Oedipus usually did was point the finger at someone else, although he did accept his destiny eventually, he still wanted to kill the man who saved his life, which was confusing since who could blame someone for not killing a child.

In a way I relate to Oedipus, I do try to help others but it is inevitable to make mistakes, and when life has thrown us too much in the face it is much easier to point the finger at someone else, although eventually we accept what has happen as well as the consequences that come along the way, which makes us grow as a person, and try to learn how to take our own decisions, maybe sometimes there not the best decision we could come up to, but at least they are ours, and what defines you is how do you react after something has crossed your path.