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The “Knowledge and the Arts” essay that Mr. McKnight wrote, I am in complete agreement, because it helps people to understand all about arts and how essential the arts are for humans. This essay expands enough to talk about the theory of art, which is something very few talk about. It explains how appearances are not only important when analyzing a work, but also the context and the emotions the work has. As the same essay says, a critic will always have a greater weight when it comes to giving an opinion on his specialty, as would be the case of a musician. They are able to tell which piece of music is made with great quality and dedication, but at the end of the day everyone has a different opinion since everyone has their own tastes and nobody can tell you that you are wrong.

Art has existed for many centuries. This is how the first humans managed to tell stories and preserve their knowledge for future generations. Art explains the beginning of humanity as the painting of “The Creation of Adam”, which is one of the most recognized works of the painter Michelangelo, it explains how God created man and thanks to that we know everything we have now and it gives us a reason why we are here and how we are here. But all this is based on the interpretation of people when seeing, reading or listening to a “piece of art”, since they are the ones who give them the meanings that they want.

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1. At such a time I finally realized that I was in a room with two complete strangers talking about life and stuff I usually never talked about, in another country far from where I’m from, both guys also from different origin countries, as if we were teleported in the blink of an eye and didn’t even notice that and just went along with that, the sound of the rain and the people laughing in their rooms makes it much more comfortable and as if that was my home, and even if I don’t know both of the strangers I sill find it so comfortable being here that is something surrealistic, but in the end, I figured something out, and that is that one of the guys, is me.


2. A Guitar player with a saxophone in his hands. A pianist with a guitar in her hands, with broken strings and a guitar pick. A drum player, with a cello on his hands, with wood rotten from moisture, a soundboard without a face, a neck without paint and a fretboard split in half. A violinist playing a piano with no strings, no keys, a top hat, a bad mustache, and a broken will.

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Is Walker’s choice to write her novel as a series of letters successful? What are its advantages? What are its disadvantages?

In this work, I will explain how the idea of ​​letters is an interesting and effective idea in the novel “The Color Purple”

The novel “The Color Purple” is certainly a very interesting book. The author does not give us much context of the characters, we only know who they are and that’s it. Also, as can be seen from the book is that it is not written in a traditional way but is written in a way of letters of which there are no exact dates and can also make very large leaps in time. Another very interesting aspect in which the book is written is the language used, the English used is not normal English, it is an English of “African American people” and this English has some variations of the words that are not well written.

This book is narrated from the first person, since they are letters and Celie and Nettie write what happened to her in the first person, being two people who write then it has a double plot since it tells what Celie lives and life also by Nettie. Also, this gives a more fun reading dynamic than a “normal” novel (chapters), since it makes you feel as if the letters were happening at the moment, it also makes you feel closer to the character since you feel like he is sharing the letters with you.

One of the themes presented in the novel is “the power of narrative and voice”. I feel that the author means that feelings and thoughts are crucial in developing a sense of self. This case is very present in how Celie only sends letters to God, due to Alphonso’s threats.

Although the letters are a good idea they have their disadvantages, one of these would be that the letters can be confusing since generally in no work with this style they have exact dates so you get confused and you may not notice the jumps in time and on other occasions it is more difficult to locate the page where you were reading since they are not divided by chapters.

In conclusion, in my opinion, a novel that is written like this gives many entertaining aspects to the novel due to the aforementioned advantages, it feels closer to the characters and you can feel their emotions a lot.