Paper 1 Mock reflection

I thought at first that the paper one exam was pretty alright, though I didn’t do well I feel better knowing what the exam outline will be like when we have to write our actual exams. I also know where I need to improve my writing skills more after writing paper 1.  The general feedback helped a lot as well, knowing what the most common mistake is has taught me what I need to look for next time and tells me as well that I’m not the only one who made that mistake as well. I will admit though that I made some stupid writing errors during the test, which taught me that I need to keep a calm and relaxed mindset so that those don’t happen in the actual exam.

I think overall that it was pretty good even though I made some stupid errors. For the next writing test, whether that be the exam or another practice paper, I know that I have to remain calm and relaxed while reading the text and answering the question. I also need to work on supporting evidence and examples that support my texts as well. Which I will work on and hopefully when I write another test or exam that’ll all have improved by then. I now know what I need to work on and improve some things as well, though some of the things I need to improve on were alright after reading my paper 1 I now know that they could be stronger. It’s gonna be a lot of work but I know that if I keep working hard I’ll be able to fix those mistakes and improve my writing skills.

Personal response to SlaughterHouse-Five

I found that SlaughterHouse-Five was very intrigion to read, and unlike every other book we’ve read in class this book didn’t have a timeline that was from day only moving forward. This book was very confusing but also very to read I’m not going to lie but I think that’s what made it very interesting. Its structure wasn’t a consistent timeline it didn’t just talk about the presence of the character in only moving forward, it would jump to different points in time of the character Billy Pilgram that was of importance. His past wasn’t only talked about but rather relived instead we got to go back and experience what happened in his past. While reading this we didn’t attach to the character or felt like we were living and experiencing everything the character was experiencing. It was more like we were rather learning about the character and other character’s in the book and that was it.

This book also raised a lot of questions for then the other books we’ve read in class. There was so much more that I didn’t know in this book. I think what made this book intrigion was that normally I can understand it but that wasn’t the case while reading this book. The fact that the book while reading it was confusing and not in a focused structured writing style is was made it so interesting to read. We could never predict or tell what we’ll read next and what’s going to happen next. Though all books are like slaughterhouse-five to me was very different, because the book wasn’t in a timeline order like most books. As I said before this book takes us to different points in Billy’s life from war to being in a hospital, this book wasn’t just talking about his past experience but rather takes us to that exact moment in time. In a way it is structured but not in the way we’re used to reading it today. When we read books today we read and can almost all the time books follow a certain timeline and we can kind of get an idea of what’s about to happen next. With slaughterhouse-five though that wasn’t the case, just as soon as we think we’ve made sense of the book it throws a curve ball at us and we end up lost or confused again.

Reading this book was certainly new to me and something that I’ve never read anything like. This book to me was surprising to me because it’s not like any other war book that I’ve read where they only talked about the war and the glory of the soldiers and only a bit of the downside of the war. Whereas slaughterhouse-five only talked about the negative things about the war, and the fact that Kurt Vonnegut made a promise to not glorify the war and only talk about the negatives of the war I think is what made it more interesting to read. I feel that some writers make promises not to glorify war but end up adding it to the book anyways regardless of making that promise. Kurt Vonnegut however stayed true to his word and didn’t glorify the war in his book. He only really wrote about his bad experience of the war and not really once talked about the good things about the war, or made the soldiers look like they were big, strong, brave, and fearless soldiers. He actually made told it how it was and wrote how they were weak, small, old, young, and scared.

This book and its structure were very interesting to read, and I really enjoyed reading the book. Even though sometimes I didn’t understand the book at times I believe that sometimes we can’t always make sense of the book and what were reading. To me, that’s what makes a book really interesting and enjoyable to read. Not all books are for us to fully understand and I learned that now by reading slaughterhouse-five.

End year of Reflection

End year reflection:

This year was an amazing year, English lit DP 1 was a great year. Each class was a great and I always looked forward to each class. It was never boring but it was enjoyable even though sometimes I fell asleep in some classes, I did enjoy going to English classes. During the time I had in English lit DP 1 I learned that not to be to quick to judge a character without reading more into the book. One of the books that I loved to have read was The Awakening By Kat Chopin. It was one of the most interesting books that I have read out of all the books that I’ve read so far. In all honesty I thought that this English would be more boring and about how to write a paragraph and where to put punctuations and all of that stuff. I wasn’t expecting to have to read books and reflect about them this year, actually I wasn’t expecting to even read as many books as we read this year at all.

This English class was wonderful and I enjoyed going to and being in the classes as well. Being in this class I’ve learned some new things and read books that I would have never heard of, or looked for in a book store. The books that we’ve read this year where great to read to enjoyable to me. I hope that next year and was as amazing as this year was.

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Personal Response:

I found this book very interesting and very honestly more enjoyable to read. Kate Chopin had written the book at the beginning like it was going to be the typical book you read about romance as if the reader will predict what’s going to happen just by reading the first few chapters. At first, I thought this book was going to be another normal and happily ever after romance book, but to my surprise, it didn’t turn out like that at all. Reading more and more of the book caught me off guard, just like when I had read Pygmalion. I thought at first that Eliza would end up with Mr.Higgins, but it didn’t happen, the same with Edna and Robert.

Being on the topic of Edan I don’t think she was a bad mother or person. Edan had always put others’ needs before her own. It had come a bit in class discussions that Edna was neglecting her children, but the children of Edna and Leonce came up briefly. When they had come up in the story it normal was when Mr. Pontellier was worried about his children. There were no signs that Edan neglected her children or that she didn’t care for her children as well. Edna in this story to me shows quite clear signs that she cares for her children and doesn’t neglect them one bit. An example of this would be in chapter three when Mr. Pontellier came home late from Klein’s Hotel. Mr. Pontellier had gotten back to the cabin and thought that Raoul was coming down with a fever, Edna in response said that he was fine and that he didn’t have a fever. At first, I had thought she was neglecting one of her kids, but after reading the text after her response, I realized that I had only thought that because Mr. Pontieller had made it seem like she was. Mr. Pontellier had thought she was a bad mother and put an image that she was even though Edna wasn’t a bad mother at all. She had been with her kids when Mr. Pontellier had left and out of the two of them, she would be the one to know if her kids were sick or not. Also, I think that if Edna didn’t care about her children I don’t think she would have held, Etienne when he was still awake while they were out. If she had not cared for her children she would have done nothing and walked passed him as if he wasn’t there.

I also think Edna received hate which I think and believe to be unfair. In the class discussion, it’s come up that she was a bad person. To me, I saw it as that she wasn’t allowed to be human and shouldn’t have her own opinions, thoughts, and wishes. Near the end of the story, Edna had finally started to do things for herself and started to put herself first, but as soon as she did she had started receiving hate. I think that Edna slowly started to realize that she wanted to start to put herself first and do things that would befit her well-being. She had no longer confined to doing things because she saw it as her duty to put everyone else first and then her second. This reminds me of Nora from the story A Doll’s House by Henrik Isben, Nora had done as she was told and acted the way her husband expected her to act. Nora later seemed to be unhappy with herself and wanted to start putting herself first, just like Edna.

This book certainly surprised me somewhere towards the middle of the book. I was very pleased reading this book and didn’t think that it would be very interesting at all if I’m being completely honest. I also had grown to sympathize with Edan after chapter four and so on, she had received so much hate and was being pinned as the bad person in this story. I think Edna had done the right thing by starting to put herself first, and even though she started putting herself first she never put herself first when it had come to her children, proving also that she does care for her children as well.

Personal Response to Pygmalion


I kind of enjoyed reading this story, but there were also times where I didn’t like it as well. For example the way Higgins talked to everyone kinda of made me feel as if he saw himself as someone who is better then everyone else, as well as not knowing he’s offending people at times without even knowing he is, the same goes for Cornell Pickering. I also feel as if they have no filter on how to talk to people and knowing what they are saying. Higgins doesn’t change how he talks for anyone not even his own mother, his mother has to tell him when he is being rude or says something he’s not supposed to.

Also while reading this I felt bad for Eliza because Higgins and Pickering only saw Eliza as a bet and not as a human being, but rather a project. Not only that but this story made me think and wonder why people have to change who they are and how they talk to get a job, or anything else in life. Eliza said that she wanted to be a flower girl in a shop but couldn’t be not only because of the way she looks, but also because of the way she talks as well. This then causes Eliza to go to Higgins to help her change the way she talks just to get a job.

This book has also made me release that even if you don’t have much, if you work hard enough and push through all the troubles that come across your path, you can achieve what you want. I had released this when reading about Eliza and her determination to be a Flower girl in shop, evening if that ment she had to put up with a rude and openly honest man to do so. Having gone through with all of that she had become a lady and accomplished becoming a lady and could now work in a flower shop. This had made me feel that if I believe and really want something with enough determination I can accomplish it, just like Eliza had with wanting to be a girl in the flower shop.

Overall though I had enjoyed this book and would recommend it to my family and friends who haven’t heard of or read this book before. Minus the things I had just said it was a very interesting book to me, and had also made me released something’s as well.

The Merchant of Venice Personal Response

For me the Merchant of Venice seemed kind of dramatic for me, but also like a classic romance movie as well. I say this because it shows us that Shylock didn’t want Jessica to be with Lorenzo, but they end up running away together. You also have Bassanio who goes to a friend who is Antonio to help him to get the girl he likes. Then Antonio goes to a another person who he does not like who is Shylock, but will tolerate him to help his friend. He than makes an agreement that he’ll pack back Shylock the money he is asking for, and if he doesn’t he will pay with a pound of his flesh. Which in most romance movies is how it normally goes but it’s with death or something like that.

As for the girls it does remind me of a princess movie. I think this because Jessica has no mother, and her father has strongly argued that she does not want her to marry someone of not his choosing, but she does anyways. As for Portia and Nerissa they remind me of still a princess movie, like the two of them had grown up together. Portia’s father had died and we don’t hear or know much about her mother other than that she probably had died as well, which is kind of like a classic Disney princess movie. Nerissa’s parents worked for Portia’s parents and they saw each other one day and became friends.

I think that the book was good, and that it was very interesting. Of course there were some parts that I thought were very emotional and sad. It has also remind me that not everyone thinks of other people as human, but rather inhuman. This is during Shylock’s speech, I felt that really sad and bad for Shylock in this scene because he and other Jews weren’t seen as human beings. To me this reflects back to the real world and that even though time as passed and racism still exist. In this scene it also made me think to never someone if different because if their belief or religion, but rather to always accept them for who they are.

Great Expectations: Pastiches

Passage One:

At the time I didn’t realize it, but this yard was the churchyard now covered in nettles. As I looked over I then saw that Philip Pirrip had gone, and Georgiana’s wife had both passed away buried underground; then realized that Alexander, Bartholomew, Abraham, Tobis, Roger, and a small child had also perished and were buried. Looking overseeing the dark wilderness beyond the churchyard was the old marshes, looking farther down the line seen once was a river, where the wind was rushing from you could see a savage lair where the sea used to be, feeling shivers around your body and fear building up, tears starting to slowly fall, could only have been Pip. 

Passage Two:

A man who was a fearful looking man, who had metal in his legs, who had no hat, but broken shoes and a rag that was tied around his head. The man was drenched in water with mud covering from head to toe, with cuts that looked like they could be from flints, with stings by nettles from what I could see, with tires from briars. A man who limped and shaken from head to toe, glared and growled at, whose teeth chattered in his head as we pulled me forward with a sliver chain put on me to pull me along as he moved. 

Personal Response to Oedipus

Oedipus was a very interesting book to read for me, I wasn’t expecting it to take such a turn very early in the story so I was a bit shocked when it did.  What interested me the most is that Oedipus didn’t see a resemblance to his mom Jocasta. When I first read that Oedipus killed his father and married his mom and had children with her I was very shocked and couldn’t believe that I read that correctly. Not only that but the fact that he choose to be king of Thebes on the spot and marry a woman he’s never met made me think that why would he want to become king and marry a woman without thinking or knowing the background of the kingdom.  As days went on Oedipus receives news that Thebes will be pledged until the killer of Laius was removed from the land. Oedipus then made a promise to find the killer and have him be punished by being exiled. Reading that kind of determination Oedipus has and the willingness he has to protect his people and loved ones was what I thought was very admirable to me. The fact that he did not only have the killer be banished but he gave the chance for them to leave without having to step forward to the murder not knowing it was him of course. He also said that anyone who knows the killer and known what they have done would be punished as well but can as well leave the kingdom without having to step forward and be humiliated and ashamed for what they have done.

Personal Response to Antigone

Having read the story of Antigone really interested me to continue reading the story more. I love the fact that Antigone was putting her life on the line the properly bury her brother so that he could be barred properly and move on from the earth. Her courage and love for her family were so moving and reminds me of me and how I’m with my family and the love and lengths I would go for them. The fact the Antigone believes that everyone deserves to be buried properly even if they are “considered” a traitor is moving that she believes that people who have done bad things show how kind and opened hearted she is to everyone.

Summer Reading The Man Who Planted

I believe this story was good and it went into some detail about the whole story. To me, it was a good story that made me believe that I could do what I truly care about and make my dreams come true.  It tells us about the man who worked through the toughest time like war and continued to plant trees. Even though that hard time he continued to plant trees and in the end he turned a sad, not so beautiful place into an amazingly beautiful looking place that people love to be and when people went back to that place in the mountains they didn’t even recognize it. The people living in the mountains village put up a statue of him as a reminder of who turned the place into an amazing, wonderful place to look at and live, not only that but they counted to plant trees and flowers. This made me believe that even the smallest things that we do can have an impact on other people and made me think that if people wanted to change the world by doing what they love that you could be it would just take time, and soon enough what you have accomplished would have an impact on the world and you’d know that you made that change happen.