Pygmalion PR

This book really takes you back in time to when people had a very different mentality and ways of living life. The part of the experimenting with Eliza was clearly fictional, they made it seem like this could have happened back then, and I wouldn’t doubt that it did.

My favorite character in the book was definitely Eliza, she was the character who most grew as a person. She went from a “flower girl” to marrying Higgins, a man who has a high place in society. From the moment when she had her first bath to the moment she decided to stand up for herself after a very un deserved treatment from Mr. Higgins you can see the growth she experienced after living this life. She was a very funny character and I enjoyed the time she was on screen.

My favorite scene was when they went back home and Mr Higgins couldn’t find his slippers, and as soon as you know she is throwing them at his face, that was the moment she exploded towards him and stood up for herself after a terrible treatment from his part. By the end of the night Eliza wounded up in Mrs. Higgins house, where she later on saw Higgins and her father, which was double the surprise (one worse than the other of course). It was all so caiotic but fun to see at the same time, and then she married Freddy which was even better. I actually did like the ending all though I do wish Higgins ended up being better to her.


The Merchant of Venice

Reading and watching The Merchant of Venice was very fun and I really enjoyed the type of reading this was. When we had to the the acting of Shylock, I did have a herd time actually converting into shylock, because I did have the words and did learn the entire speech, but I still had a little bit of nervousness at the moment of actually presenting the speech. I do think it mad the learning experience much funner, and did push me out of my confort zone, which I think is very good.
What I have thoughts about is the controversy between jews and christians reacting to this book and specifically this speech, and I am very neutral but i dont think it was an antisimetic book or movie.

Langston Hughes Poem Observations

After reading these poems it helped me understand poetry further, the way the author wrote these was very interesting, because the more times you read it, it all clicks.

The way all these poems make me feel is a way of expressing things you see fiscally in someone, and turn it into a way you can know the characters internally.

A poem that really stood out to me was “Ruby Brown”, it was about a beautiful woman who was “young and beautiful, and golden like sunshine, that warmed her body”. It all referenced the fisical image of a woman, but also made a reference to the way she is as a person. From what I understood, it all talked about a brave and strong woman who was working for another white woman in her kitchen and was looking forward on a brighter and better future.

All these poems made me want to keep reading poetry, especially the way this author writes each poem makes it feel personal and different to each on he creates.