The Merchant of Venice – PR

I’ve never considered myself a big fan of plays, but The Merchant of Venice is one of the most famous plays that Shakespeare ever wrote, and I can perceive why.

Starting with the Elizabethan English, at first I found a little confusing how the pronouns and verbs worked or what they meant, and as english being my second language, there were some words that were difficult to understand as well. But then I found really interesting how some words we normally hear in the present meant a whole different thing during that time.

During the play, there were several subjects about society that were spoken about directly or indirectly, such as racial discrimination, religious discrimination, sexism and classism; but the most obvious one was religious discrimination.

Most of the play’s plot contained the “Christians VS Jews” topic, making it very notorious with Shylock and Antonio’s relationship, and topping it even more with Shylock’s famous speech where he claims with anger to be treated equally.

This play showed me a different view of a never-ending discussion about who is right and who is wrong, and how there isn’t always a conclusion about it.


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