PR to the play

This Shakespeare’s work focuses on issues such as discrimination, racism, prejudice, etc. towards the Jews, this play is located in Venice. This work made me wonder and reflect on many things, why would we have so many prejudices towards someone just because of their religion? What is supposed to make them different from us? In the context that they give us in this play, the acts of injustice against them seem incredible to me, for example at the beginning of the film they show us how a Jewish boy is thrown into the river, for no reason or when Antonio spits on him directly in the face to shylock, a completely humiliating act for shylock and totally unnecessary on the part of Antonio.

Throughout the entire play, I really sympathized with Shylock, I put myself in his place in every misfortune that happened, and above all, I had a lot of empathy for his feelings, something that I did not do with any other character, much less with Antonio, when he was about to die by Shylock’s hands, instead of not wanting it to happen, I thought it was fair, since Antonio’s way of thinking and acting, despite the fact that during the play he also suffered a lot, I never liked. He always seemed to me an arrogant man, who felt superior to the Jews and who felt he had the right to do what he wanted and treat people, especially Jews, as he wanted, something that obviously does not have to be that way. , we are all equal and we all deserve to be treated equally, the latter is something that this work taught me, no one is superior to anyone.

At all times when watching the movie or reading the play, I had many emotions on the surface, such as anger for him, how they treated Shylock, a desire for justice towards the Jews, empathy with Shylock, especially when he gave his famous speech, I could feel how degraded he felt as a person and all for no valid reason, I could feel his desperation and with good reason, he had done nothing, literally the only thing they discriminated against him for was his religion.

Regarding the language of the work, on several occasions it was difficult for me to understand it, as a native Spanish speaker, understanding old English is quite difficult, there are too many words used in a different way than I know, phrases with contexts that I don’t I had an idea, but it also helped me develop my ability to investigate, since every time there was something I didn’t understand I started to research it on the internet.

In general, I can conclude that it is an excellent play, which transmits too many emotions to the reader and puts you in a position to decide who is right and who is wrong and what consequences are the correct ones to receive for each character. 

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