PR Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare’s play, I find it sort of thought-provoking since it touched a very delicate topic, it did have some conflicting ideas that made me overthink some of the parts.
There was especially this part when Jewish where in favor of the law and Christians to mercy, it is logical that if all people sin, we must all have mercy so that it could go vice versa, or for example Jewish people once they know the rules and they pursue them, once they break them they accept the consequences.
What I found unfair for the play was how Christians use to keep Jews in the ghetto and then they would have to suffer consequences some random Christian created.
The play made me reflect on how society is nowadays and how often this case happens, people asking for loans thinking in the future they could pay, but at the end it doesn’t arrive, people don’t understand that when interest goes up the amount they own is invaluable and they could end up owing a debt for life, and in some cases the debt transfers to the next generation.

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