PR A Doll’s House

The play  “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen was very interesting. This play made me feel several emotions: second-hand embarrassment, stress, anger, and proudness.

The things  that gave me second-hand embarrassment in the play were the relationship between Nora and Torvald, and how Nora acted at the beginning. Torvald treated her as a child and made her do tricks for him and Nora acted very immature and sometimes acted like a squirrel.

The play caused me stress several times. First, it was when Nora didn’t know that she had committed a crime and openly admitted that she did it without knowing the consequences it would could cause her. She was also so blindly in love with Torvald that she believed that if word got out about the thing Nora did, Torvald would jump in and save her, which was something that Torvald wasn’t going to do. The last thing that caused me stress was, when the letter Krogstad send was in Torvald’s letter box that only Torvald could open, and Nora was trying to distract him so that he doesn’t grab the letter while Mrs. Linde was trying to  convince Krogstad to claim his letter back.

The part of the play that caused me anger was when I read how Torvald yelled at Nora when he found out what happened. He told her mean names, was only worried about his reputations and how he was going to save himself and told her that she couldn’t be near their kids.

I felt proud when she finally realized how immature she acted during her marriage, that she deserved better, stood up for herself, had the courage to leave Torvald so that she could focus on herself and find out who she is.


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