A Doll House

A dollhouse is a very interesting novel, personally, I don’t like to read too much but this novel captures my attention, also I prefer by far reading plays to normal books.

At first, the novel started pretty calm, beautiful family, 3 children big home, and no money problems, the dream life for a lot of people, it just seemed like they had everything under control, and that made me feel as if I had everything under control and as if my life was going to turn out that way, married to a wealthy man that I loved and having lots of children and money.

As the play goes by I realized that it wasn’t true, she held a big secret but to be honest I didn’t think it was much of an issue I mean it was supposed to be that her husband loved her and he would take the blame for her, and that was what she didn’t want to. I don’t get why I would have made my husband take the blame every day and I would have done the same for him. at the end it was surprising that he didn’t, but I think she exaggerated a little by leaving him or wanting to kill herself, also everything was sorted out minutes after. if that would have happened to me I would just have continued with my life as if everything it’s fine, I got my husband, and my children and the main problem is solved. I would get into therapy to fix my feelings and that’s it. Her leaving was a bit dramatic for me ( considering that I am a dramatic person), but considering all this it was a great play bit boring but great.

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