PR Langston Hughes

I really liked Langston Hughes’ poems because I like the way he talks about how we are all equal and that we should all be treated the same. I like the way he expresses himself in all his poems because I feel that he really expresses himself very well, the messages that his poems leave are full of feelings, reading Langston Hughes poems, makes you reflect everything that people who suffered or suffer from racism had to go through.

Langston Hughes poetry emphasizes his experience and support of black Americans at a time when they were facing discrimination. Langston Hughes focused his work on the unfairness of life in America. He explains that all Americans, white or black, experience the same human values. He applied many themes connected to equality and fairness, he believes that all Americans black or white should be treated with equal respect and values. He concentrates on discussing the importance of belonging to his culture to a great extent, he focuses on the message that all Americans, white or black belong to the same human race then to the same country rather than the race or culture and should treat each other with respect, he demonstrates this in many parts of Theme for English B when he refers to being colored. In conclusion Langston Hughes discusses many themes in his poetry which black Americans faced in the past that are now being looked in a different perspective.

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