Personal Response to Langston Hughes Poetry

I really liked Langston Hughes poems because they talk about racial inequality and all of the problems African American people had to deal with  just because of there skin color. He promotes equality and also praises African American culture which was something that other poets at this time did not do. An example of this is ‘A Song to a N-gro Wash-Women’, Hughes admires the hard work of these women and suggest that the work they do isn’t easy and should not be overlooked.

Even though I liked the poems, they were hard to understand because of the language Hughes uses in the poems. This poems were written around the 1920’s, because of this the language is old fashioned. Some words that meant something then, mean something completely different today.

In conclusion, although Hughes poems are a little bit hard to understand I liked them because they talk about the problems that are cause by racial inequality in the US and celebrate African American culture.

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