Personal Response- The Merchant of Venice

Personally, I really enjoyed the film “The Merchant of Venice.” I have never seen a movie similar to this, with old fashioned language and with a setting of the 16th century.

The film was based on Shakespeare’s play also named “The Merchant of Venice”, because of this the language in the film is Early Modern English. They are a lot of words in the play that aren’t used in this time so it was harder for me to understand some of the words like hath (has), doth (does), saith (says) and e’er (contraction of ever).

The setting of this movie is in the 16th century in Venice and in Portia’s home in Belmont. I really liked Portia’s castle in Belmont, it is very beautiful it has a Renaissance style, a lovely view and big pretty gardens. The fashion of the people in the film are very different from the style in this century. The Women used long gowns usually with sleeves and a  linen chemise. The Man used a linen shirt with a collar and matching wrists ruff.

In conclusion, I thought that they did a really good job portraying the 16th century and I  learned new vocabulary like hath, saith and e’er.



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