Paper 1 Mock reflection

I thought at first that the paper one exam was pretty alright, though I didn’t do well I feel better knowing what the exam outline will be like when we have to write our actual exams. I also know where I need to improve my writing skills more after writing paper 1.  The general feedback helped a lot as well, knowing what the most common mistake is has taught me what I need to look for next time and tells me as well that I’m not the only one who made that mistake as well. I will admit though that I made some stupid writing errors during the test, which taught me that I need to keep a calm and relaxed mindset so that those don’t happen in the actual exam.

I think overall that it was pretty good even though I made some stupid errors. For the next writing test, whether that be the exam or another practice paper, I know that I have to remain calm and relaxed while reading the text and answering the question. I also need to work on supporting evidence and examples that support my texts as well. Which I will work on and hopefully when I write another test or exam that’ll all have improved by then. I now know what I need to work on and improve some things as well, though some of the things I need to improve on were alright after reading my paper 1 I now know that they could be stronger. It’s gonna be a lot of work but I know that if I keep working hard I’ll be able to fix those mistakes and improve my writing skills.

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