Merchant Of Venice PR

The Merchant of Venice, a play wrote by Shakespeare that has been adapted for movies and new versions have also been created, is a story that involves racism, segregation, religion and lying.

The Mechant of Venice starts by presenting you two characters, Bassanio and Antonio, Bassanio asks Antonio for money to help him go and get married with a rich lady named Portia, Antonio tells Bassanio that he wants to help him but he does not has the money at that moment but once his trading ships come back he can pay him. In that moment both Antonio and Bassanio go with a jew named Shylock to ask for a loan and Antonio confidently says that it is no problem for him to pay Shylock back. Getting closer to the end of the play, Antonio’s ships wreck and he is not able to pay back so he was going to give a pound of his own flesh to Shylock if not for Portia, that disguised as a doctor of the law and succesfully defended Antonio in the court.

This play made me reflect about today’s socciety and how much this situation happens, people ask for a loan thinking they can pay it back but in the end they can’t, interest increments the amount they own and they end up in debt for a long time or even for the rest of their life, sometimes their debt goes down to the next generation. Asking for a loan is not wrong but you need to make sure you are able to pay it back in time and that the interest will not be a problem.

The Merchant of Venice also has other situations such as segregation and racism against jews, the christians have them in ghettos and they constantly suffer from injustice. We know about this because of Shylock’s speech when talking with Solanio and Salariano, Shylock spoke strongly about justice, revenge, mercy and discrimination.

This play involves a great amount of problems that are still ongoing till this date, it does not give a clear solution but it gives a great idea, mercy is the answer, because if everyone was fair and used justice to judge, everyone would be guilty.

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