Langston Hughes PR

Langston Hughes’ has a very interesting poetry. In my opinion, it can sometimes get really hard for you to understand poetry or find it interesting, but with his type of poetry you´ll never get tired of it.


What I´ve noticed is that his poems share the knowledge of this important subjects like: racial discrimination, classism, social injustice. Every poem caught my attention and made me feel some dark emotions when it comes to injustice towards other people, this probably happened because of the narration.

My thoughts on the author are that the way he writes the poems, it´s a very rare one and hard to understand, also his verses don´t have that much music so it´s frustration is noticeable in them.


The ideas he presented where quite amazing because he did answer the questions people made to themselves such as ‘How can we change? How do we progress towards equality?’.


Langston Hughes poetry is worth to analize since they make you feel empathic because of what happened those years to African americans and how they got to where they are today, I think mos of the people that have read this poetry think all of their poems are so good could also call them masterpieces.


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