Langston Hughes’ Poetry PR

I found Langston Hughes’ poetry very interesting. For me, it can normally get really hard to understand poetry and to find it entertaining,  but Hughes’ poetry has became an exception. His poems share similarities regarding to the subjects of social injustice, racial discrimination, sexism, classism, etc. And almost every poem that I read  managed to get my attention in some different ways, probably this happened due to the way the speaker narrates the story.

Hughes’ ways to narrate his poems is what I liked the most, because he shows his perspective about the situations and expresses very clearly his feelings about them such as his thoughts, carrying with influential and determined words.

My favorite poem that I read was Ruby Brown, because it shows the sacrifices that a black person had to do in order to get enough money to live and how the society decides to only pay attention to the facts and not the background of their situations, making an emphasis on how society is carried away by appearances and decides to ignore the origins of the problems.

Reading his poetry helped me to expand my knowledge about African-American communities, but not only that, it helped me to improve my english vocabulary, discovering words that I had never listened before and taught me to identify the different structures that a poem can have.

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