Rushdie PR

Although I know that religion can be a touchy subject it still came to a surprise when I heard about what Rushdie had to go through. It is years after his book was published and people are still being sent to try and kill him. Many people took this book the wrong way as Rushdie states that it was more of a joke. It is quite ironic how the Satanic Verses are about how religion can cause violence. Violence was caused by people who thought that Rushdie had offended their religion. It just proves his point further.

The writer should have known that publishing the book would cause trouble. It is written from the perspective of a non religious person. The whole idea of freedom of speech and religion is defeated by the fatwa. Rushdie should not be in danger walking the streets where he lives on his own or without bodyguards. If everyone had freedom of speech and belief this would not be a problem.

I disagree with the last few sentences in the interview. “…why I get so upset these days when there’s so much backsliding on this issue, and people say they’re in favour of free expression but everybody should be careful not to upset people. Well that means you’re not in favour of free expression.” I am in favour of free expression but I would most definitely keep my mouth shut around sensitive topics. If not I might end up in a similar situation where people are trying to kill me. Upsetting people can be dangerous. Being smart is different than believing in free expression.

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