Reflection on Salman Rushdie

Although not entirely the same my religious background is vaguely similar to that of Rushdie. My grandparents on my Dad’s side are Christian, however, my Dad has not practiced in many years. This has resulted in me growing up in an almost religion free household. The context of this is of course different because outside of my family I also live in a far less religious setting than Rushdie. Rushdie discusses how this affected his lack of faith which shows in all his writing, however, I feel like the opposite has happened for me. Where I practice Christianity when and where I can. As I have not read any of his works and am also less familiar with Islamic culture I don’t know what to think and don’t want to offend anyone so no comment. His voice is very seductive though.

2 thoughts on “Reflection on Salman Rushdie”

  1. Coen I understand how you do not want to offend anyone however I think you could have added what you truly felt about the book. Overall I think your response is good as you related it to yourself and did express your opinion on religion in contrast to Rushdie’s. And I also do think that his voice is super seductive.

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