Reflection on Let Evening Come Essay

Writing an essay on “Let Evening Come” was a good learning experience and taught me what I need to focus on.  To improve my grade, I need to learn and practice basic grammar/spelling and provide a better analysis of the text.  My most common errors were grammar mistakes like not using the possessives properly and comma errors. Another problem was random capital letters throughout the essay.  I believe these errors to be a result of rushing. The spelling of words was also a mistake I frequently made by switching the order of the letters. From receiving my spelling and grammar feedback I learned that I need to slow down so that I make fewer mistakes. Another thing that would help me with these mistakes is to learn grammar and spelling rules and practice them in my free time. The second thing I need to improve on is my analysis of the text. In my essay for one paragraph, I wrote about diction and focused on what the text was saying which was a mistake. I looked for meaning and elaborated on things that were not actually in the text. Instead, I should have focused on how the text was written. From the feedback, I have received I learned that I need to analyze how the author creates mood through imagery, structure, sound effects, and diction and not the content of the text. Something that I think would be beneficial for improving all mistakes is to do a more effective job editing my essay after the initial first draft.