Reflection- “Let Evening Come”

Writing an essay on the poem “Let Evening Come” gave me a better understanding of what I needed to work on to further improve my writing. My most common errors were using the present tense, omitting needless words, and comma errors. I will improve my errors by remembering to use such as had, or was rather than present tense ones. One thing I have always done when writing is adding extra words into my sentences to fill them up but sometimes It makes the sentence harder to understand so I need to omit those words that are not needed. I will also make sure I re-read on how to use commas properly so when I do write again I don’t make this same mistake.

I find that when I’m writing in a specific amount of time I often forget to write properly and I just rush to get all the words down on the page. Next time I will make sure to leave more time to proofread so that I can fix the mistakes I notice.It will take time to improve these errors but once I fix them my next writing assignment won’t have as many errors.

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