Outsmart Your Brain Reflection

During Chapter 5 of Outsmart Your Brain, Daniel Willingham speaks about different problems people tend to come across when reading a textbook. When reading a textbook, the majority of people have issues connecting the different ideas that are to be found in the paragraph they are reading, this causing misinterpreting the real meaning of the text. I have been reading books since I was 7 years old and I never had the problem of connecting the ideas or meanings of the text when it is in spanish, when it is in english I have issues to connect some ideas or to give an explanation or reason as to why something is happening.

Using Willingham’s methods and recomendations seems to be a great way of improving my understanding of textbooks and my quality of reading. The best thing I can improve on inmediatly is note-taking; on Candide for example, my notes where mostly about the meaning of words and sentences, not about characters, situations and places.

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