Outsmart Your Brain

I have never put much attention into textbooks because I do not usually read them, when I was assigned textbooks I usually did not read them because I got bored, and I was saved because no one in the class did it either and the teacher never asked about it, so I have never taken it into consideration. After reading chapter 5 of Outsmart Your Brain I have learned that textbooks are organized hierarchically and their are different strategies that help to learn about the topic.

One strategy is SQ3R which is composed by Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. This new methods of studying gives me better learning abilities which I will apply in my life to have better outcomes in the future. With this new strategies I believe my comprehension of assignments will be better because now I will take my time and start by asking questions first, and when I have done my reading and I have answer all my questions I will act as if explaining it to someone else which will help me comprehend what I just have learned and can also help me make connections of the reading since I am saying everything I remember out loud, finally I will review my notes and check if I’m missing something and if I had answer all my questions.

I found this strategies very useful, it is explained clearly, so it is easy to understand. I believe the methods I have learned by reading this chapter will be useful in my studies and will help my learning abilities.

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