Outsmart your brain

I really enjoyed this book because it gives you many tips for better reading comprehension, one of the tips it gives you is to prepare before reading the text, to know a little about the background. It also tells us that a useful way to take notes is to pay close attention to the subtitles, understand them and summarize them, this will help keep our notes organized. 

It corrects mistakes that you possibly made when reading and making notes, one of the errors that he emphasizes is that you cannot read randomly, or quickly, as you read, he recommends asking questions to know how much you are understanding the text. 

According to Willingham, the reader is not aware of what is important until he makes a deep analysis of it. It also gives us strategies to memorize the content of something, such as drawing things related to it and making a study guide

This book really helped me a lot to correct the way I read it and take notes, it gave me many tips to do readings assigned by teachers that can sometimes seem a bit tedious, make them much easier, I will use the tips that I consider useful for my next readings


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