Let Evening Come – Reflection

When I got my essay back, I noticed that I made a lot of spelling mistakes and had trouble using present tense when writing about literature. I also struggled with run on sentences and punctuation errors. Something I have always struggled with when writing was properly formatting my essays. I really need to stop looking for the deeper meaning of a poem when I write about it, as I keep trying to find meaning in something that might not have it. I understand that it is a common thing with a lot of people, but I really want to work on seeing things for how they are and not searching for meaning. When I wrote this paper, I forgot to include an assertion. These were common problems on my last paper, and I tried to avoid making them again but failed. I was trying to get a ton of thoughts down and in the process missed a few of my errors. 

To fix these problems I understand that I must proofread more than once and pay better attention to details, I also realize that these problems are things I need to work on and will not get better without practice. On my next paper I’m going to try to keep these problems in mind well I am writing and proofreading it. I did enjoy the poem and I like how we are identifying what I did wrong so I can work and grow from it. 

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