The Odyssey PR: Xenia

The Odyssey written by Homer was an enjoyable read for me. The main issue that interested me was the Greek value of hospitality. When reading The Odyssey, we can always determine whether someone is a good guy or bad guy based off their kindness and hospitality. Giving the guest the seat of honor, feeding them, letting them wash up is all considered hospitality, afterwards you are able to ask the guest questions. When the guest leaves, you are also expected to give them a gift as a sign of respect. Xenia, meaning kind offering protection and hospitality to strangers is an important aspect to Homeric society. Everyone loves to receive gifts. For some it makes them feel special or important and I really admire this key theme and believe that hospitality should always be present for anybody who enters your house. Respect and kindness are qualities everyone should have, treating a guest at your home with a warm welcome and friendliness creates principles and admiration for your good deeds.

Furthermore, I really liked what Aeolus does for Odysseus and his crew. When Odysseus and his crew escape from the Cyclops they seek refuge with “the wind of god” Aeolus. Great symbol of xenia is showed here when Aeolus shows the value of hospitality when he lets them all stay on his island for a month. Aeolus assists Odysseus and his men on their journey to Ithaca. Odysseus is also gifted a bag of winds to ensure safe passage for home. Honestly, I could not pick up anything I did not like when I was introduced to Aeolus. Aeolus’ value of hospitality is commendable, and I respect what he did. Moreover, The Odyssey exemplifies xenia, the Greek ways of hospitality, generosity towards travelers who are far from home. From all the places Odysseus visited, a lack of hospitality was shown for Odysseys. However, when Aeolus shows his value of xenia, it created respect for his character. Ultimately, Greek value of hospitality mandates respect and generosity for any visitor, whether a friend, a guest, or a foreigner we can all show hospitality.