Personal response to SlaughterHouse-Five

I found that SlaughterHouse-Five was very intrigion to read, and unlike every other book we’ve read in class this book didn’t have a timeline that was from day only moving forward. This book was very confusing but also very to read I’m not going to lie but I think that’s what made it very interesting. Its structure wasn’t a consistent timeline it didn’t just talk about the presence of the character in only moving forward, it would jump to different points in time of the character Billy Pilgram that was of importance. His past wasn’t only talked about but rather relived instead we got to go back and experience what happened in his past. While reading this we didn’t attach to the character or felt like we were living and experiencing everything the character was experiencing. It was more like we were rather learning about the character and other character’s in the book and that was it.

This book also raised a lot of questions for then the other books we’ve read in class. There was so much more that I didn’t know in this book. I think what made this book intrigion was that normally I can understand it but that wasn’t the case while reading this book. The fact that the book while reading it was confusing and not in a focused structured writing style is was made it so interesting to read. We could never predict or tell what we’ll read next and what’s going to happen next. Though all books are like slaughterhouse-five to me was very different, because the book wasn’t in a timeline order like most books. As I said before this book takes us to different points in Billy’s life from war to being in a hospital, this book wasn’t just talking about his past experience but rather takes us to that exact moment in time. In a way it is structured but not in the way we’re used to reading it today. When we read books today we read and can almost all the time books follow a certain timeline and we can kind of get an idea of what’s about to happen next. With slaughterhouse-five though that wasn’t the case, just as soon as we think we’ve made sense of the book it throws a curve ball at us and we end up lost or confused again.

Reading this book was certainly new to me and something that I’ve never read anything like. This book to me was surprising to me because it’s not like any other war book that I’ve read where they only talked about the war and the glory of the soldiers and only a bit of the downside of the war. Whereas slaughterhouse-five only talked about the negative things about the war, and the fact that Kurt Vonnegut made a promise to not glorify the war and only talk about the negatives of the war I think is what made it more interesting to read. I feel that some writers make promises not to glorify war but end up adding it to the book anyways regardless of making that promise. Kurt Vonnegut however stayed true to his word and didn’t glorify the war in his book. He only really wrote about his bad experience of the war and not really once talked about the good things about the war, or made the soldiers look like they were big, strong, brave, and fearless soldiers. He actually made told it how it was and wrote how they were weak, small, old, young, and scared.

This book and its structure were very interesting to read, and I really enjoyed reading the book. Even though sometimes I didn’t understand the book at times I believe that sometimes we can’t always make sense of the book and what were reading. To me, that’s what makes a book really interesting and enjoyable to read. Not all books are for us to fully understand and I learned that now by reading slaughterhouse-five.

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