I enjoyed reading both Oedipus and Antigone and I liked them equally. In the play Antigone, it had quite a bit of deaths and tragedy. I noticed that by the end of the play almost all of the important characters were dead which I was not expecting in the beginning. Out of all of the characters that faced death, each one died in a different way. Examples of that is how Antigone, Eurydice, and Haemon all commit suicide. It must have been really hard for the people who were close to everyone that died and the feeling of loss is hard to get over. Antigone changed a bit throughout the play. I find it really weird that she is engaged to her cousin Haemon.

In the play I noticed that I see myself like Ismene for a few reasons. Ismene is a kind character who is known as a good daughter to her family. She also has blonde hair and I would also say that she is afraid of death. I relate to Ismene because in my family I am the  good daughter. I also have blonde hair, just like ismene.  

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