Victor’s Antigone review

This type of books are not the books I like to read but I gave it a try and actually I kinda liked it the story have a very interesting story with metaphors that can be applied to daily life, and it is impressing how a very old book can have so much relevance in topics of the modern life.

It was also one of mi few times reading an English book so this was a challenge for me

The story is full of interesting character and different points of view and beliefs making this a very suspensive history.

A very good example is when creon and Haemon started discussing about their points of view

Creon was a very powerful man who fought for what he belief but sometimes what you believe is not the way it is and Haemon thinks by himself but sometimes ask his father to look after the kingdom in other to help someone else.

At the end i really felt sad for creon and ismeme because they had to go thought a very difficult topic watching all his family die and I also felt sad for creon seeing how quick he lost his importance and was forced to be alone the time he had left.

I think Antigone is a very good history just as good as oedipus the king and just as the other book they both give us a very interesting metaphors. It is okay to make mistakes but what defines us as persons is how we react against problems…

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