PR: Oedipus the King

I have read some mythology and I found it a bit boring and hard to follow, so my exceptions for this play were not high as I did not think I would enjoy this book. Though after reading the story, I found it pretty interesting. I was surprised by how much I liked this play and how excided I was to read the next one. The story of Oedipus the king is one of the only mythology books I’ve ever really enjoyed. I find reading pieces like this difficult because of how things are written with the chorus and the language used in the characters dialog. Oedipus the king was an interesting but tragic story.

After reading the summery, I was actually interested in reading the story and finding out all the details. It was nice to have conversions in class, because a lot of the questions I had were answered. Learning about Oedipus was cool, his life was pretty messy but also very interesting. I do feel that killing himself would have been a better option then gouging his own eyes out but that’s just me. I also think that he is too prideful for his own good. He is convinced that he can run and escape his own fate. Oedipus seems to think that he has so much power that he has managed to get away the life that he was told he would inevitably have. It is almost as if he believes in his own self more than he does in the gods and fates, exercising his own freedom by defying the people he is meant to follow a pray too. I feel like Oedipus is a very prideful, which in away made him a good king and exceptional leader to the people of Theabs. Even so his morals were blurred when he had no problem killing a man on a path. In my personal opinion Oedipus was not a good man, although he tried to be a good king and a fairly good father, his motives were questionable, and his actions are not ones to be proud of. He very clearly understands that what he’s done is messed up as he has no problem gouging out his own eyes and punishing himself. All in all, I do not like Oedipus, but I do respect how he did not go back on his word when he realized he had killed the past king

This story has helped me to enjoy mythology. I like the tragedy and emotions displayed in the play. It’s very interesting to see how people used to think, and how old plays and stories were written. I did like that we read a short summery of the story before reading the book. It helped me follow along with the story since I already had an idea of what was going on in the book. Oedipus was a man

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