PR: Antigone

I liked the story of Antigone a bit more the Oedipus the king. I find that Antigonus personality is interesting to me. The confidence, courage, and boldness that she displayed throughout the play was inspiring. Even going as far as disobeying Creon to give Polynices the proper burial that she felt he deserved. Creon promised death to anyone who tried to bury the body, but that did not stop her. She felt as though no one should be denied their rights to a proper burial, so she went ahead a buried him anyway. Although her character is very interesting, and she is trying to do what she thinks is the right thing, I do not think she is very likable. When Ismene says she does not want to help, Antigone is very rude to her, even going as far as saying she will hate her if she keeps quiet about the burial. Antigone is very rude and even though she is standing up for what she thinks is right, her attitude makes me find her unrelatable, and I honestly did not like her very much  

Both her and Creon make choices, some good, most are not great and there really is no winner. Antigone is dead, no longer bothering Creon but he has lost his wife and son. Not to mention that people could have Antigone’s actions living in their heads, prompting them to rebel against king Creon themselves. I that her actions are made even more powerful by her death, she died rebelling against Creon on. People will remember that Antigone gave her life going against the king’s wishes. I think what she has done will cause others to think about Creon’s actions and question how good of a king he really is. Even though he believes that a man who does not listen to his    best council men, is the worst man of all though he repeatedly fails to take the advice of his son, and Tiresias. Tiresias, being a prophet who is never wrong and Haemon, being his son, you would think they are trusted council men or at least trusted opinions.  

I did enjoy the story of Antigone. It was tragic but interesting. I wish I could have seen it as a play, the story is super intriguing and even though I do not like a lot of the characters. They play crucial roles in the story and make it much more enjoyable.  

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