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I found this book interesting and really enjoyable to read, I read it before but I kept learning new stuff while I was reading it again. It has so many plot twists that are imposible to expect combined with the end is what it makes this story the most famous tragedy of the ancient greek.

I really like Oedipus, speaking about the character, the particular reason for this is that you can talk about him over and over again but never come to a complete resolution in the matter of him being a good or a bad guy. He did good things for the people of Thebes but he also killed his father, he did not know that it was his father and the killing part is also completely wrong being seen from a point of view of this era but during that time it wasn’t that strange to hear about somebody killing each another guy only because of a little disagreement. Oedipus is also really short tempered and hotheaded often making assumptions and ending in bad terms with people.

The story in general is completely unpredictable but very well plotted giving everyhting sense as to how and why it is happening, it never goes out of the path making it really easy to understand but it does not makes you feel tired of reading it, this way it makes it a really good way of learning and being entertained for a good amount of time

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