Personal Response of Antigone

Personally I thought that the story of Antigone was pretty dramatic, because of all the things that were occurring, and that’s what made the story of Antigone interesting to me, because it had a drastic ending, since at the end most of the characters were dead. I have to say that I felt empathy for Creon because he was the one who stayed alive carrying with the pain of his family members being dead.

Something that I liked a lot about this story, is that it seems more realistic that Oedipus the King, because they mention things in Antigone’s story that makes it look more realistic than Oedipus, but it is interesting how both of the stories are connected, and complementing each other, and I have to say I didn’t expected Antigone’s part to be so drastic.

The most interesting part for me was when Creon and Haemon start discussing about their different ideas, we can clearly see how they have a different position in what they believe in which makes it very interesting for me to read since I can see two different point of views, the one I agree more with is Haemon ideas because he is not only thinking about himself and how if a girl is defying the rules that would put them on a difficult position, instead he is asking his father to be able to see the world different which could improve his kingdom.

At the end of this play I did empathize for Creon although at the begin I was not the best fan of him, but after all he lost it made me realize how someone in a position of power can quickly loose it. People with a lot to loose can go down really quickly if they are not careful and I believe myself to be someone who could loose a lot too, which makes me understand Creon in a way, and not see him as badly as others may.


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