Personal Response – Oedipus the King

I find the story very interesting because you can really see how different people were and people think in that time. For example they strongly believed in their religion and prophecies that people were able to gave away their son’s because of a prophecy. On this days very few people or no one would be able to do that. I would even say that people used to be very dumb or their thoughts were very affected by their religious believes. Or would even rip their eyes off just so people didn’t think that the god’s had the control over him.

I really liked the character of Oedipus because he is like this very decided and straight forward character,  even when he was about to find out that he had married her mother and killed his father he was decided to find the truth. Because for example Jocasta didn’t wanted him find the truth but Oedipus wouldn’t listen to her because he was very decided. After all that he did (killed his father and married his mother) he thought he needed to punish himself and he ripped his eyes off  so this probes  how strong his will was.

I felt really disappointed on the way that Jocasta story ends like she hang herself and leaves Oedipus which was his son/husband/father of his children alone with all the guilt that he felt, so I think that was a very selfish decision and even though she was suffering too I really hated how her story end.  I really did not like Jocasta character because she was very dumb. Like if she knew about the prophecy why did she just married the first random guy that come up and that was also way smaller than her, small enough to be her son.

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