Personal Response (Antigone)

We are introduced to the play with Antigone (Oedipus daughter) who is this brave,  fearless but overall self motivated to give his brother a dignified burial. Then on the other part its Ismene her sister. Ismene on the other side is way more not rebel and she knows how to adapt to things or accept things that she doesn’t like. They both had already lost a lot of family members.

This makes Ismene think more about how things can end up for them and she doesn’t really care much on giving her brother a dignified burial. In this part I am on Antigones side because I think that it is a good thing that she wants to honor her brother because at the end both brothers have the same fault. That’s something that Antigone understands really well and that’s why she insists that much. One of the things that i enjoyed a lot of this play was the way that character start to care about their family and this is visible when Creon asks the two sisters (Antigone and Ismene) if they both participated on their brothers burial, Ismene tries to protect her sister Antigone by blaming herself. And also with Creon’s wife and son this is very visible.

I really liked how the story had this plot switch at the end where not just Ismene ends up loosing (by Antigone hanging herself) but Creon is the most affected with this. Creon’s son and wife end up dead as also her nephew. So I think that this play ends up showing us how this people didn’t learn from their ancestors. The end is really shocking because you would never expect this much suicide and death. I thought this was going to end up well but then it just turned out worst than I could imagine.

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