Personal Response – Antigone

Honestly, I found the story of Antigone as good as Oedipus, but the drama and tragedy in Antigone’s story is much more intriguing  and strong for me. It is full of loss and tragedies, as well as metaphors or situations that can be identified with events from the present. I feel a little of pity for Creon and Ismene as they were the ‘last ones left’ and were there to presence how everyone of their families died.

I also like how in the story is portrayed the determination on fighting for what you believe for, but it is important to recognize that what you think is right it isn’t always that way. A very clear example is Creon’s beliefs, he is evidently a very sexist man who had a made clear his favoritism toward his gender, which is why I could not respect Creon completely, although he was trying to do the best for his kingdom he did it in wrong ways and he realized things too late for him to be able to stop it.

I believe myself to be a combination of Antigone and Ismene, since I can be a really nice and quiet person like Ismene, but if there is something I believe in and I see a clear injustice on things I will fight for it.


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