Orwell Personal Response

By reading Orwell’s essays, I learned more about him and his way of thinking. I noticed that he is a serious and honest writer with a passion for language. Orwell being a serious writer brings the focus on his surroundings by the way he writes about the disappointment for people and justice with personal experiences. He writes his personal experiences with honest opinions and thoughts, this helps the reader to understand the way he thinks and bring sympathy towards Orwell. I really liked how he describes his surroundings, “harshness of environment”, it conveys the reality of the world and the people which I think is a reason why Orwell is still an influential writer, because the world hasn’t change and the same issues which he mentions in his essays continues on. And with his honest opinions, it makes the essays to really get in readers’ mind with the freedom to share their opinions. By also writing his personal experiences, it brings the political side closer. In the other hand, his passion for language is another reason why his essays are very influential. He knows the real meaning of clear writing and using it as a powerful tool to bring the emotional, cultural and political side together.

By doing the DRJs, it helped me to see his passion for writing in a clearer way analyzing the words he use to create an image, sound effects, structure, diction and tone. It made me raised questions about his events that he writes in a very special way. Because he is a very good writer, I found it challenging to analyze his essays. Getting feedback on the DRJs, helped me to notice the more deep side of the meaning of the words he use.

Finally, I really like the way Wheatcroft describes Orwell. The phrases he chose to describe him, really match Orwell. He describes Orwell as “Unusually high moral sense and respect for justice and truth” and “His passion for liberty and intellectual honesty”. This phrases really brings Orwell’s personality to life and it can be seen in every essay. It makes me realize how strong his opinion is that it is still relevant to the world we live in today.

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