Oedipus the King – Personal Response

The story of Oedipus the King was a fairly short story which draws you in the few first pages. I enjoyed viewing the rich language and seeing the style of speech that was presented, it all seemed to have a twist and turn. I also noticed a lot of irony throughout the book and double meanings which can be interpreted very differently depending on what intent you put into the phrase.

There is no “bad guy” in this story. There is just the outcome of the situation; the consequence(s). We are only humans, but humans aren’t perfect. Everybody makes mistakes, and it touches me because none of this is really his fault. He admits all his errors, and I believe that this is what’s important, the hardest part is to admit. But he also knows there is no way he can fix this mess now. So he makes yet another hard decision, he wants to be gone; not dead, but gone far away from his children and people, where no man can see him, he wants to suffer the rest of his life to atone for all his sins. 

As you get to the end of the book, you can feel the agony of Oedipus through the pages as he mourns for the things he has done. It is what life/ gods have prepared for him. It definitely impacted the way I view the concept of “destiny”in this book.