Oedipus – Personal response

        Oedipus the King by Sophocles, was the first class novel we read. When I started reading it I was very confused about what was happening but by the second section of reading it started to make a lot more sense and it became more clear. It was also hard for me because there were many new words that I did not fully understand at first and I found it hard to understand parts of the old fashioned writing. I have never read a long play like this and it was very different but fun to read. I enjoyed reading this for many reasons but one of the main ones is that I learned about a new style of writing. My thoughts at the beginning were that it seemed like a very boring book and that I would not enjoy it but I realized near the end that it turned out to be a play that I enjoyed reading. While the story progressed we found out that the protagonist is Oedipus. I noticed that Oedipus’ personality changed multiple times throughout the course of the story and it was fun to follow along with those changes.

        Oedipus’ character had many parts to it but I also found it a bit confusing at some points. The story got me thinking about how much the world can change so much because tons of years ago when Oedipus was written, it was known for books and plays to be written in this type of English but now we refer to it as old english. Something I noticed was that Oedipus didn’t really admit when he was wrong and he mostly blamed others for his own mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and that is just part of learning but if you always blame other people you will never learn how to admit when you’re wrong. There have been times in my life where it feels like too much to deal with and my brain automatically thinks it will go away if iI blame someone else but then I realized that it only makes it worse.

        This book was overall a very fascinating and challenging book in a good way. In the future I think it would be really cool to read more plays because I learned a lot from Oedipus. I learned many new words that I have never heard of before reading the story. Oedipus taught me many important skills such as how to read and understand old english but it also opened up more vocabulary.

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